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German-American Business Seminars in Charlotte, Detroit, USA and Germany

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German-American business should be easy, but it is not. It is hard. Everyone who has tried has found out the hard way that what works perfectly well in the one country, often does not work at all in the other. Daniel Donahey knows the challenges and opportunities of German-American business like nobody else. As an American Management Trainer and Consultant, based in Nuremberg, Germany since 1989, Daniel offers training, coaching and consulting services to companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the greater Charlotte and Detroit areas and throughout the U.S.A. His singular focus is on helping his clients get the business results they need, in a very challenging cross-cultural business environment.

German-American business relations: "How to" with Daniel Donahey


Daniel Donahey knows the challenges and opportunities of German-American business like nobody else; when it comes to German-American negotiations, presentations, selling events, team building or how to work successfully for a German company, he knows how to get things done right.

Here are some examples of how you can profit from Daniel's more than two-and-a-half decades experience in German-American business:

  • You can gain an unbeatable advantage in your German-American negotiations, especially sales negotiations, contract negotiations and M&A negotiations
  • You can learn how to present and sell credibly and convincingly to German partners
  • You can achieve more harmonious and effective German-American teams
  • You can learn how to work successfully for German companies and how to get ahead quickly
  • You can gain the support of a trainer and consultant who understands every aspect of German-American business. To find out more just drop him a line: CONTACT

Milemark Communication is proud to offer its German-American business training and consulting services to the Charlotte, Detroit, USA and German business community. CONTACT, or Linkedin